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Net Zero Building Design is Going to be the Standard Sooner than Later

Change is coming:

If you do not yet sense an urgency for change, you will soon.

Sure, there's market resistance, and there will continue to be, and so far, it doesn't seem to have moved very fast. But that's because the market will only transform so fast without a crisis.

The sweet spot for now may be where both sides are angry:  The market is uncomfortable with the required rate of change, and those that understand the current and pending risks are angry that change is not happening fast enough.  

The question today: Why do something different?  We are all pretty good at what we do, so why change?

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How to incorporate embodied energy into your green building designs

Embrace embodied energy with your green designs:

By designing and constructing more sustainable buildings, it is important to first recognize that these structures are absolutely LOADED with embodied energy. What's that, you ask?

Embodied energy is the energy cost it took to remove something from nature, transport it wherever it goes, manufacture it, and install it.

- From the trees that were harvested to make up the structure, to all the natural resources and manmade components that provide infrastructure, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. All the materials that go into the construction of a building have embodied energy in them, and we should be finding ways to incorporate them whenever possible and practical.

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The Industrial Revolution and Renewable Energy

I watched a great BBC documentary on the Industrial Revolution this past week.  It is amazing how changes in technology, energy and transportation continue to be as relevant today as they were in the 17th century.

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City of Sarasota gets bullied by Florida Power & Light

I began to study sustainable design, renewable energy and energy conservation in 1983 while studying architecture and environmental design at Ball State University.   Energy did not command the same sense of urgency that it does today.  The demand for increased renewable energy development and the rapid changes in technology, knowledge and economic forces are drastically different than they were 27 years ago.  The pace of change is continuing to accelerate as the City of Sarasota locks itself into a 30 year deal with Florida Power & Light.  2040 is an eternity when you imagine how much the energy landscape is expected to change even 10 years from now.

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