Green home design as seen on HGTV

Green Home Design - HGTV Showcase

Platinum LEED certified & critically acclaimed

This HGTV green Home design captures "sustainability" at every turn

Winner of USGBC South Florida's chapter  Gla Verde 2010 LEEDership Award for Most Outstanding LEED for Homes Project!


This 3 bedroom, 3 bath 2500-square-foot home, which earned LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council, is loaded with sustainable features beginning with mindful building orientation to maximize north / south exposures for optimum shading and protect interiors from sun exposure. Natural day light is captured throughout the house with distinctive clerestory windows above the main open living area and solar tube skylights in the hallway and kitchen.  The changing daylight in the house also creates a sense of time and connection to nature.


Modern design

Modern roofing technologies such as high solar reflecting materials and a roof garden create a cool, comfortable patio space. Even though the metal roof appears dark in color with its terracotta red finish, the technology of the painting system is actually highly reflective and prevents unwanted heat gain.
Water saving plumbing fixtures and rainwater collection for irrigation reduce the house's water demands.

Outdoor/Indoor living

Healthy materials without toxic chemicals were liberally incorporated in the home's interior to provide superior indoor air quality.
Solar photo voltaic (PV) cells provide power to the home producing renewable energy that helps lower electricity use in addition to the solar hot water heater.

Green home design for humans

The Green Team

See how an integrated design process inspires sustainable living that is both functional AND beautiful

HGTV 90 second tour

Take a tour of the LEED Platinum certified home built by the HGTV Green team.


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