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Green Build 2011: day 3, Thursday

Started the day today at a session called Beyond LEED. Jason McLennan talked about the living building challenge. The LBC has about 100 registered projects now. The simplicity of the LBC is one of its strengths. Jason made a good point: LBC makes LEED seem reasonable. Tom Paladino pointed out there are about 300,000 words now in all of the LEED reference guides. (there are about 500,000 words in the tax laws). Maybe LEED has become a bit too heavy handed? AND we currently need both system to move forward as fast as we can. We need transparency, rigor, simplicity, clarity and a streamlined certification system. We need to do more, faster. Another good question was raised: should LEED be helping to make better practitioners instead of better buildings, in order to have a bigger impact more quickly? Bob Berkebile reminded us of an ancient indian saying "we will see it when we believe it". (as opposed to what we hear all the time- I'll believe it when I see it.). All of us in the USGBC have been and still are trying to affect change in the built environment. LEED has changed the market for sure. Maybe change is coming no matter what, and we are just going to be the ones most prepared for the changes. The planet is operating at at least 25% over it's capacity. That will not continue. It cannot. I think it was Thomas Freidman who told us on Tuesday- nature is just chemistry and physics. It is always going to do what chemistry and physics do, and it will always have the last word. From Toronto, Michael
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