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Construction cost vs Project cost

Why "construction cost" shouldn't be the only thing on your mind before breaking ground:

So often we are asked, "what is it going to cost me to construct this building?" Or even, “How much per square foot does it cost to build a (fill in the blank) building?” 

I hear it at work, at parties, from friends and family... I get it, and I actually love how much faith you put into our expertise on the subject, and it is something we actually help people with quite regularly. But it's hardly a matter of looking at a picture (or imagining what you describe) and spitting out a figure about how much your project is going to cost.

But that isn't what you were asking to begin with. This is about construction costs, which, by itself is a loaded request - it should be about project costs, because there are so many variables and hidden soft and related costs that you won't come even close to coming in at budget without considering the weight they also carry.

It's the kind of weight that could stop your project dead in its tracks.

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