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Biomimicry in Architectural design

We wanted to do more and be more like Nature. So we took a stab at biomimicry and it stuck. Check out Sean's latest article on LinkedIn. He talks about the project that helped him get a better understanding of Biomimicry and the amazing opportunity it can provide in innovation and meaningful design.
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What Architects Can Learn from Nature’s Design


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Topics: Green Design, Climate change, Bio-Design

How this year's presidential election may impact climate change

How green is your favorite candidate?

This year's election is proving to be quite the dramatic showdown. Trump just all but sealed the Republican nomination, and Sanders and Clinton are brawling for every last delegate on the table.

There are a lot of hot button issues too - from building walls across national borders (what an architectural feat that would be), to freedom of religious expression, to our economy, to the dichotomy of lower income earners and the top 1%

But let's not also forget about the climate. Yes, this too has been somewhat of a contentious debate, and the outcome may reshape everything we know about our future, since the President will be leading policy change and very likely decided 4 new Supreme Court Justices if they make it two terms.

That's a pretty big deal for us greenies... and anybody who enjoys living on this rock we call Earth.

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