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Sarasota Military Academy added a 36,000 square foot classroom building to their campus. The new structure was a much needed addition to the existing 1950's campus. The new three story building is designed to meet the needs of the current student body replacing 50+ year old classrooms.

Carlson Studio Architecture (now Carbon) was responsible for an initial master plan, building & interior design, and research into alternative construction techniques.


Saluting great charter school design

The high school included a new Central Library into their program. Library elements include book storage, reading areas, a school store and check out / return area. The library was also located adjacent to the computer lab in order to share resources between the spaces.
Other program elements include multi discipline computer labs, science labs, music studio, and arms storage rooms. A requirement of the school's program is to make the rooms flexible, including the gymnasium which can be partitioned off into three distinct spaces.
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In order to grow their campus, Sarasota Military Academy asked Carlson Studio Architecture to perform a maspterplan and study of their existing campus. The study proposed four phases for the replacement of existing outdated buildings. 


A new classroom and gymnasium was built in 2008 as phase 1, phase 2 a remodel of the existing cafeteria and admin offices will begin summer 2009. Future phases include two more classroom buildings.


Masterplanning & multi-phase architectural design

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