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Owner's representative Services

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Carbon Design & Architecture provides Owner Representative Services to assist owners in the process of building their home.  Whether you live far outside the area and need someone to be on site for you, or you live in town and just feel more comfortable having an experience professional representing you in the process, we can help. 


Since 2009 we have been supporting owners in their quest to have confidence in and understanding of their construction process.  We also have represented owners in their commercial, multi-family projects, which typically have many players involved in the design, construction, legal and financial aspects of the construction process.


We can serve as your owner’s representative and as an architectural consultant, depending on your desire.  We can provide architectural consulting services to you that are tailored specifically to the needs of your project, and assist your contractor and your attorney as requested by you.

Carlson studio architecture will help your residential project by representing you throughout the build

Services offered

  • Represent your best interests during the construction process

  • Visit the project site to review the general progress of the work

  • Review the plans and specifications provided by your contractor and make suggestions and comments, becoming familiar with the design and permit drawings prior to the first draw

  • Review initial schedule of values provided by the contractor and comment

  • Review each Draw Request (Application for Payment), including a site visit per draw

  • Manage aspects of the draws such as payments for stored materials and deposits

  • Coordinate with your bank’s process in the payments to the contractor

  • Assist your attorney with any contract matters with your contractor and/or design team

  • Review change orders during construction

  • Advising the Owner and the Contractor as the project may require


Commercial building owner's representative services by Carlson Studio Architecture


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