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Cottonwood Cove - marina design

commercial architecture - Gold leed certified

Cottonwood Cove


Cottonwood Cove Floating Marina is a 2,000 SF structure on a custom fabricated floating dock system on Lake Mohave, just outside Searchlight, Nevada. The project is part of Cottonwood Cove Resort in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and provides rentals for personal watercraft and houseboats.Additionally the marina building will provide dry storage and boat repair service as well as restrooms to guests.


The building has been LEED NC Gold Certified via an energy efficient design. The floating eco-friendly structure features sustainable modular construction and state-of-the-art energy-efficient and environmentally responsible materials and fixtures. Decking is made of a composite of rice hulls and recycled plastic and the exterior stucco is made of recycled tires. Use of low or no volatile organic compound materials, paints and adhesives will rid the building of the typical “new building” smell improving the overall indoor air quality.


  • Cottonwood cove construction phase 1
  • Marina design by Carlson Studio Architecture
  • Walls are going up!
  • Watch the marina construction here
  • Shell complete!
  • Look at that! Almost finished!
  • Walls are up and now it's time for the roof
  • Almost done!
  • Putting the roof on this new LEED certified project by Carlson Studio Architecture
  • Check out the (nearly) finished green commercial design by Carlson Studio
  • Walls up, roof up... time to refine!
  • Almost done!
Boat dock design
See the completed Cottonwood Cove marina building design by Carlson Studio Architecture
Gold LEED certified commercial design by Carlson Studio Architecture
LEED gold certified - see the roofing system designed by Carlson Studio Architecture
LEED gold certified - see the roofing system designed by Carlson  - Come see!

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