Institutional Design - Children's Medical Clinic

Functional, beautiful, and inviting

This medical clinic captures wellness at every turn

Carlson Studio Architecture (now Carbon) was selected to design the newest addition to the Glasser-Schoenbaum Health and Human Services campus.


The campus is a non profit “Center of Caring” that houses over 17 non-profit health and human services agencies that help low income and at risk adults, children and families achieve and maintain productive lives as participating, contributing members of our community. The center occupies 13 buildings in a location selected for its accessibility by public transportation.


The new “Sally and Sam Shapiro Babies & Children’s Medical Center” is a 12,000 SF clinic that will treat over 60 under privileged children & families each day. The facility will be run the Sarasota County Health department and feature health care for newborns to teenagers, plans also include to add a new Family Practice provider that can treat the parents of the children when they help.


The building is designed to create a healthy, fun, safe environment for the both the patients and the doctors. North facing windows and roof mounted light monitors provide extensive day lighting, while the large curved entry roof provides a protected over flow for the lobby. To save the non profit money over time the building was designed to be both energy and water efficient, while solar panels provide hot water for sterilization.

Designed for flexibility, each of the four doctors has four exams rooms, an office, and a tech space. These spaces are designed to be repurposed in the future as needs change.

integrated modern design

A large nurses station is designed to oversee the entire clinic side of the building, providing security and shared resources.

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