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Design challenge: Creating a facility that symbolizes Hope

This project was done in 2011 but the story of the design challenge is timeless!

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CSA's Lakewood Ranch Plastic Surgery, featured on ABC 7' Green Living Segment

This week reporter Scott Denis from ABC 7 featured the LEED Certified Lakewood Ranch Plastic Surgery Office on his "Green Living" segment.

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CSA's Lakewood Ranch Plastic Surgery, featured in Shaw's "Design Is" brochure


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The beautiful offices of Lakewood Ranch Plastic Surgery & Skin Care and Lakewood Ranch Family Medicine have earned the LEED Certification.  This is the first private physician’s office and medical spa in the state of Florida to be LEED certified.   In honor of this, Drs Joshua and Andrea Kreithen will host a party and LEED certification ceremony on Tuesday, December 7, from 4 until 7 pm. The office is located at 6310 Health Park Way, Suite #110 behind the Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

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Cancer Support Community: a place to heal

By WALKER MEADE Correspondent
Herald Tribune

There is no better evidence of the great change in our attitude toward breast cancer than the pink-ribboned bumper stickers that we see all over town: "Save the Ta-ta's."
A decade ago, lightheartedness about such a serious subject would not have been possible. A breast cancer diagnosis then was experienced as a death sentence. Now, medicine has achieved a five-year survival rate of close to 90 percent for those diagnosed with stage one cancer, and the support system for those suffering from cancer is vast. An organization in Southwest Florida that has been dedicated since 1996 to helping women get healthy again is The Wellness Community Southwest Florida, now called The Cancer Support Community Florida Suncoast after merging with Gilda's Club last summer. Its mission is "to help people affected by cancer enhance their health and well-being through participation in a professional program of support, education and hope."

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Support system: The Cancer Support Community's new building

By Harold Bubil, Herald Tribune

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Bridge of Hope: LWR structure symbolizes support for families fighting cancer


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Carlson Studio Design Choosen for National Case Study

Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces has chosen the countertop design at Lakewood Ranch Plastic Surgery for a national case study. They choose the project due to its unique use of the material which pushed the limits of the product. Features include a 4" edge and curved form. Parried with Bamboo laminated cabinetry and glass accent tile, the Check-in and Check-out desks create an incredible design feature for this project.

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