Anna Maria home design by Carlson Studio Architecture

Future leed residential design

Green Home design that's part beach, all home

Green home design by the beach

Part beach house part permanent residence, this home is designed to serve and perform. Designed to be LEED for Homes Platinum certified the home is ultra efficient beginning with the Insulated Concrete Formed (IFC) walls. High windows and deep overhangs provide protection from the harsh Florida sun, while still providing extensive views and daylighting. A zoned A/C systems only treats the areas occupied at any given time, while operable windows allow the home to cool passively when conditions allow.

The home is broken into three sections, the first level is elevated above the flood plain and thus is used for storage and vehicle parking. The second level is the “guest wing”, providing a beach house for the clients family to use at their leisure and maintaining separation with the main living space. Several bedrooms and a small living space provide recreation for guests. The third level consist of the main living space for the full time occupants, as well as a chef kitchen, master suite, and office space.

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Overhead shot of future LEED platinum home design by Carlson Studio Architecture
Front shot of green home design in Anna Maria

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Green home design - future LEED Platnimum by Carlson Studio Architects

A home away from home... at home

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